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libssh-d 0.7.3-4, 4 years ago 0.92016-Sep-03D Programming Language binding for libssh: mulitplatform library implementing the SSHv2 and SSHv1 …
simpleconfig 0.3.0, 8 months ago 0.92018-Dec-27Simple utility to combine CLI args and config file into single config
nat-opener 0.2.0, 4 years ago 0.92016-May-21Allows a server to listen on the specified port when behind a router.
plot2d 0.1.4, 2 years ago 0.92017-Sep-242d plotting library
selenium-d 0.1.0, 2 years ago 0.92018-Feb-11D Selenium bindings
atmosphere 0.1.7, 5 years ago 0.92015-Apr-03Statistical package
mondo 1.1.9, 2 years ago 0.92016-Mar-21MongoDB library for D
chipmunkd 1.0.0+7.0.1, 4 years ago 0.92016-Mar-01D bindings to chipmunk2d, a 2D physics engine.
nluad 0.1.1, 3 years ago 0.92016-Jun-28D interface of lua.
bloom 1.0.1, 2 years ago 0.92014-Feb-07A basic bloom filter.

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