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Name Last update Score Registered Description
bindbc-freetype 0.4.2, a day ago 0.02019-Mar-29Dynamic and static bindings to FreeType, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
dls 0.25.3, a day ago 4.42018-Mar-21D Language Server
bindbc-glfw 0.5.0, 2 days ago 1.42018-Oct-18Dynamic and static bindings to GLFW3, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
excel-d 0.5.2, 3 days ago 1.82017-Mar-20Excel bindings for D
dstep 1.0.0, 3 days ago 2.22014-Jan-21A tool for translating C and Objective-C headers to D modules
hunt-entity 2.3.4, 3 days ago 2.32018-Aug-28Entity is an object-relational mapping tool for the D programming language. Referring to the desig…
asdf 0.4.6, 4 days ago 1.92016-May-02Fast, Expressive, and Easy to use JSON Serialization Library with optional SSE4 Optimization.
dbc 1.1.11, 4 days ago 0.92017-Jul-15Lightweight native MySQL/MariaDB driver
dmarkdown 0.3.0, 4 days ago 1.82014-Dec-24Markdown to HTML processor
ddash 0.15.1, 4 days ago 0.02018-Sep-27Utility library for D
nanomsg-wrapper 0.5.3, 5 days ago 1.62017-Feb-06Nanomsg wrappers for the D Programming Language.
hunt-database 1.2.0-rc.1, 6 days ago 1.52018-Aug-28Database abstraction layer for D programing language, support PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQLite.
dfmt 0.10.1, 8 days ago 2.22015-Apr-21Dfmt is a formatter for D source code
mir-runtime 0.0.22, 9 days ago 1.92018-Oct-20Dlang @nogc runtime infrastructure for simple, slim, and fast code.
lubeck 1.1.4, 10 days ago 2.02017-May-27High level linear algebra library for Dlang
pp 0.0.52, 10 days ago 0.42018-Jun-15The base library of the polyplex engine. (Heavily WIP, non-idiomatic)
boilerplate 1.4.4, 10 days ago 1.92018-Oct-10D boilerplate code generator
jupyter_wire 0.0.4, 12 days ago 0.02018-Oct-16Jupyter kernel written in D
mysql-lited 0.4.8, 12 days ago 1.72015-Feb-24Lightweight native MySQL/MariaDB driver
bindbc-opengl 0.8.0, 12 days ago 1.52018-Oct-18Dynamic bindings to OpenGL, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.

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