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Name Last update Registered Description
easysettings 0.0.2, 3 days ago 2018-Oct-16An easier way of saving and loading settings
reversineer 0.0.0, 3 days ago 2018-Oct-14Library for aiding in reverse engineering of binary formats
editline-d 0.0.1, 3 days ago 2018-Oct-14binding of libedit
libdparse 0.9.10, 4 days ago 2014-Sep-03Library for lexing and parsing D source code
antlr-d 1.3.4, 5 days ago 2018-Jun-27ANTLR4 runtime library
simplefixedsizearray 0.0.3, 5 days ago 2018-Oct-11A simple fixed size array
grimoire 0.0.5, 5 days ago 2018-Apr-25Grimoire Scripting Language
nogc 0.0.3, 5 days ago 2017-Apr-28Utilities to write @nogc code
intel-intrinsics 1.0.13, 5 days ago 2016-Jul-05The most practical D SIMD solution! Using SIMD intrinsics with Intel syntax with D.
dmocks 2.0.3, 6 days ago 2018-Feb-13A mocking framework for the D programming language
libuv 1.23.2, 7 days ago 2016-Jul-22Deimos bindings for libuv, a cross-platform asynchronous I/O library
automem 0.4.0, 7 days ago 2017-Mar-14Automatic memory management
dgame 0.6.6, 7 days ago 2015-Feb-24A 2D framework for the D programming Language
mime 0.5.0, 7 days ago 2015-Aug-14Shared MIME-info Database specification implementation
dshould 0.1.20, 8 days ago 2018-Jun-05D fluent asserts library
harud 1.0.1, 8 days ago 2014-Sep-02D binding to libharu
memutils 0.4.13, 8 days ago 2015-Feb-17Overhead allocators, allocator-aware containers and lifetime management for D objects.
pacahon_third_party 1.0.16, 8 days ago 2014-Mar-28veda storage third party libs
xapian-d 1.0.0, 8 days ago 2018-Oct-09veda storage third party libs
tsv-utils 1.2.2, 10 days ago 2018-Jul-16eBay's TSV utilities. Command line tools for large, tabular data files. Filtering, statistics, sam…

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