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Name Last update Registered Description
dwt 1.0.1+swt-3.4.1, 3 months ago 2018-Feb-06A library for creating cross-platform GUI applications.
mir-blas 0.1.2-alpha3, 3 months ago 2017-May-26NDSLICE wrapper for BLAS
twitter-d 0.1.0, 4 months ago 2018-Feb-28A twitter api binding for #dlang based on vibe.d
linenoise 1.1.0+1.0.0, 4 months ago 2014-Jan-28A small self-contained alternative to readline and libedit.
mir-lapack 0.0.7-alpha, 4 months ago 2017-May-26NDSLICE wrapper for LAPACK
derelict-vulkan 0.0.13, 4 months ago 2016-Feb-16A dynamic binding to the vulkan api.
pgator 0.3.15, 4 months ago 2016-Jan-04Application server that transforms JSON-RPC calls into SQL queries for PostgreSQL
vibe-compat 1.0.0, 4 months ago 2018-Feb-26Legacy APIs for extended backwards compatbility
xyz 1.1.0, 4 months ago 2018-Feb-09Syntax sugar for indexing the beginning of arrays `array[0]` can be accessed with `array.x` and th…
dstddb 0.0.13, 4 months ago 2016-Mar-02A D standard database proposal and implementation
dbeaengine 0.7.9, 4 months ago 2016-Feb-15A library to disassemble x86(64) byte code, based on beaengine and allowing self-disassembly
derelict-cudnn 2.0.4, 4 months ago 2017-Aug-09Dynamic bindings to cuDNN for the D programming language.
indexed-relation 0.0.1, 4 months ago 2018-Feb-23In-memory indexed relations
lapack 0.0.4, 4 months ago 2017-May-27Dlang LAPACK header
numir 0.1.2, 4 months ago 2017-Mar-04numpy-like API wrappers of mir
d-ffmpeg-light 0.0.2, 4 months ago 2018-Feb-21ffmpeg wrapper function
dubnull 0.0.1, 4 months ago 2018-Feb-21An empty package for testing
dcpu-16 0.0.1, 4 months ago 2018-Feb-24DCPU-16 emulator
sel-hncom 9.0.1, 4 months ago 2017-Jul-17The hub-node communication protocol for Selery servers
cruddyorm 0.0.1, 4 months ago 2018-Feb-18A cruddy ORM for vibe and postgresql

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