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Name Last update Registered Description
beep 0.0.1, 5 months ago 2018-Sep-11Advanced assertion library
diet-complete 0.0.1, 5 months ago 2018-Sep-11Error correcting diet parser with integrated auto-completion and neat AST tools
fuzzycopy 0.2.1, 5 months ago 2018-Jul-16Copying data from one struct type to another for lazy people
mir-pybuffer 0.2.0, 5 months ago 2018-Apr-02mir-numpy connection example
xserial 1.1.1, 5 months ago 2018-Aug-22Binary serialization library
sanspam 0.1.3, 5 months ago 2018-Aug-31Simple mailbox cleaning tool.
pgsql-lited 0.0.3, 5 months ago 2018-Jul-31Lightweight native PostgreSQL driver
bitcoin 0.0.1, 5 months ago 2018-Sep-07Bitcoin library
rpc 1.1.0, 5 months ago 2018-Sep-07An RPC library
tg-d 0.0.2, 5 months ago 2018-Aug-17Telegram Bot API client library for the D programming language
dcharwidth 0.0.1, 5 months ago 2018-Sep-06Provides functions to get fixed width of the dchar or string.
pegged 0.4.4, 5 months ago 2013-Mar-08Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) generator
unicorn 1.0.1, 5 months ago 2018-Sep-05D bindings for the Unicorn Engine CPU emulator
decs 1.0.3, 5 months ago 2017-Oct-23@nogc D Entity Component System
nwn-lib-d 0.0.4, 5 months ago 2018-Jun-26Library & tooling for Neverwinter Nights 2 resource files
toml 1.0.0-rc.3, 5 months ago 2017-Jun-08D implementation of TOML
kiss 0.4.9, 5 months ago 2017-Apr-26A refined core library for D programming language. Include event / net / tcpstream serialize / rad…
emoji-d 11.0.2, 5 months ago 2018-Sep-03🙂📚 Unicode Emoji enum library
derelict-gl3 2.0.0-beta.7, 5 months ago 2013-Aug-18A dynamic binding to the OpenGL library.
ice 0.2.19, 5 months ago 2017-Aug-19NAT, stun, turn and ice.

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