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Name Last update Registered Description
ddmp, 9 months ago 2014-Jan-14D port of the diff-match-patch library
dext 0.1.3, 9 months ago 2017-Apr-24A collection of extensions and utilities for the D programming language.
embd 0.2.1, 9 months ago 2013-Mar-06Low-level API for embedding D code into text.
disposable 1.0.1, 9 months ago 2017-Sep-24A disposing mechanism like IDisposable in C# and an using guard like the using syntax in C#
parsed 0.4.3, 9 months ago 2017-Jun-20A library for text parsing.
derelict-util 3.0.0-beta.2, 9 months ago 2013-Aug-16Cross-platform shared library loader and a number of utility modules used by the Derelict libraries.
derelict-physfs 3.0.0-beta.2, 9 months ago 2013-Aug-18A dynamic binding to the PhysicsFS library.
derelict-al 2.0.0-beta.2, 9 months ago 2013-Aug-16A dynamic binding to the OpenAL library.
je 0.0.1, 9 months ago 2018-Apr-11Json Extract: a tool to extract data from json
darray 0.0.2, 9 months ago 2017-Sep-20A double ended growable array
dusybox 0.2.1, 9 months ago 2017-Sep-09My own busybox
hll-d 0.3.1, 9 months ago 2017-Feb-25HyperLogLog++: Cardinality estimationn
dgt 0.3.2, 9 months ago 2017-Aug-19An ergonomic 2D game toolkit
gitcompatibledubpackage 1.0.4, 9 months ago 2017-Feb-11Example of a DUB package also usable as git submodule. For DUB test suite.
d-web-browser-history 1.2.0, 9 months ago 2017-Sep-01Get web browser history with the D programming language
fixedsizearray 1.1.1, 9 months ago 2016-Oct-06A fixed size array implementation
d-ipinfo 1.1.0, 9 months ago 2017-Sep-05Get info with the D programming language
postgresql 0.2.1, 9 months ago 2017-Aug-15Yeat Another PostgreSQL driver
postgresql-protocol 0.1.0, 9 months ago 2017-Sep-15PostgreSQL: Protocol
view 0.0.3, 9 months ago 2017-Sep-15Compile Time Embedded Template Parser/Generator for D

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