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Name Last update Registered Description
mpeg2 0.1.0, 10 months ago 2017-Jul-28mpeg2 decoder
vibemail 2.0.1, 10 months ago 2015-Sep-29Extensions for vibe's Mail class to send multi-part emails with attachments.
hubtel 0.1.3, 10 months ago 2017-Jul-22Hubtel mobile money payment API
stringex 0.1.0, 10 months ago 2015-Jun-13Port of Ruby stringex gem to D.
derelict-libarchive 0.0.4, 10 months ago 2017-Jul-22A dynamic binding to libarchive
derelict-notmuch 0.0.1, 10 months ago 2017-Jul-23A dynamic binding to the notmuch library.
easing 2.2.3, 10 months ago 2016-Jun-07A library that add flavor to motion in D programming language.
flatbuffers 0.1.1, 10 months ago 2016-Apr-14D implementation of Google Flatbuffers.
libnotify4d 0.0.2, 10 months ago 2017-Jul-21A D binding for libnotify
web-config 1.1.0, 10 months ago 2017-Jul-20HTML settings page generator & server side validator from any struct
gbaid 0.3.0-beta, 10 months ago 2014-Dec-24A GameBoy Advance emulator in D
credexil 0.9.2, 10 months ago 2017-Jul-17Keep database credentials outside the sourcecode
rs-bootstrap 1.0.4, 10 months ago 2016-Jan-02Provides a default layout/style for web sites based on vibe.d
mongostore 1.2.1, 10 months ago 2015-Oct-31SessionStore for MongoDB
dsfmlc-win-x64 2.4.0-alpha.2, 10 months ago 2017-Jul-09The Win64 version of the dsfmlc libraries.
dhdf5-simple 0.1.0, 10 months ago 2016-Apr-25A minimal D application.
middleware 0.1.0, 10 months ago 2017-Jul-06Middleware pattern
zeromq 4.2.2, 10 months ago 2013-Apr-24Interface to the C ZeroMQ library
readline 0.1.3, 10 months ago 2017-Jun-25D bindings to the GNU readline library.
geany_d_binding 0.0.2, 10 months ago 2017-Jul-03Geany editor plugin API D binding

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