Precompiled binaries

The following table contains a list of precompiled binaries. The platform support is rather limited here for now and will be extended over time.

On Linux you need to have libcurl with SSL support installed.

System packages and manual build

If your platform is not supported, building is as easy as checking out the git repository and running ./ You need to have the development version of libcurl with SSL support installed. The resulting binary can then optionally be made available in PATH.

For Arch Linux, there is the official dub package, as well as AUR packages for GIT master (dub-git) and for ARM (dub-arm).

Debian packages are available as part of Jordi Sayol's D APT repository. Use apt-get install dub.

Homebrew includes a DUB package by Chris Molozian. Use brew install dub or brew install dub --HEAD.

There is also a port available on MacPorts. Use sudo port install dub.

Release history

VersionLinux, x86Linux, x86-64Linux, ARMWindows, x86OS X 10.7, x86-64Source

See the change log for the list of significant changes in each release.