dplug 8.2.0

A library for crafting native audio plugins as simply as possible.

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


Authors: Guillaume Piolat (original author), Richard Andrew Cattermole (X11 windowing), Ethan Reker (compile-time JSON parsing, X11 fixes, Wiki, clipit), Andrej Mitrovic

Sub packages: dplug:core, dplug:dsp, dplug:client, dplug:graphics, dplug:host, dplug:lv2, dplug:vst, dplug:vst3, dplug:au, dplug:window, dplug:gui, dplug:pbr-widgets, dplug:flat-widgets, dplug:cocoa, dplug:carbon, dplug:x11

Dependencies: dplug:dsp, dplug:client, dplug:host, dplug:core, dplug:x11, dplug:gui, dplug:pbr-widgets, dplug:vst, dplug:cocoa, dplug:flat-widgets, dplug:window, dplug:carbon, dplug:lv2, dplug:vst3, dplug:graphics, dplug:au

8.2.0 2018-Dec-16
8.1.2 2018-Dec-16
8.1.1 2018-Dec-04
8.1.0 2018-Nov-07
8.0.8 2018-Oct-18
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